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Holiday Gift Guide

Best Canadian Christmas Gifts with Caley-Beth


Christmas is coming, and Caley-Beth is ready with seven natural Canadian beauty gifts that will leave your skin and senses soothed and replenished. Discover handmade and sustainable presents that are luxurious, ethically made, and keep giving long after the holiday season has concluded!

Caley-Beth has curated seven luxurious gifts for you and your loved ones this Christmas, and each and every one is designed with that special someone in mind. We have natural gift sets and stocking stuffers for friends, family, co-workers, partners, and everyone in between! From plastic free balms to bath time fun... Caley-Beth has it all, and we are excited to share our cruelty free goodies with you this festive season.

Not only have we specially tailored each of our natural beauty gift sets, we have also created a Gift Concierge service to make gifting even more effortless.  This is complimentary with your purchase, and allows you to send a personal message with your present.  It’s perfect for those who are sending to loved ones far away who they won’t be able to see.


Plus, Caley-Beth have also ensured that you save money by buying as a bundle! Each limited run edit contains at least two of our handmade Canadian skincare treatments, and you get 10% off or more when choosing a gift set as opposed to individual products.  After all, it is the
season of giving!

Caley-Beth Natural Canadian Beauty Gift Sets

Choose gift wrapped or unwrapped.

Ultimate Experience Beauty Box Gift Set

The Ultimate Experience:

Gift wrapped ($174.90)

Unwrapped (#171.90)

Give the gift of The Ultimate Experience this Christmas with this luxurious gift set that is absolutely bursting with natural beauty treatments. Caley-Beth pulls out all the stops with this indulgent present – it contains our full skincare collection, including the plastic free Shave Balm and After Shave Balm, hydrating Honey Facial Cleanser, nurturing Hand & Body Lotion, replenishing Eye Oil, Revitalize Face Cream, and moisturizing Lip Balm. This is the perfect gift set for calming, regenerating, and smoothing the body from top to toe, as the soothing powers of hyaluronic acid, honey, rose, and other beneficial botanicals work to provide visible results and the ultimate self care experience.


Revitalizing Eye Duo contains Caley-Beth Eye Oil & Serum.

The Revitalizing Eye Duo:

Gift wrapped ($88.50)

Unwrapped (#85.50)

The holidays are full of celebrations, but that indulgence can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles – so why not gift our Revitalizing Eye Duo to help your loved ones rejuvenate tired skin and boost the delicate eye area with an intensive moisturizing and plumping effect. The Caley-Beth Eye Oil and Serum work to jump start cellular regeneration and fight free radicals, plus they energize your complexion and enliven your appearance. This natural gift set makes a perfect pair for the holiday season!


Spa Facial Beauty Box Gift Set

The Spa Facial Set:

Gift wrapped ($84)

Unwrapped ($81)

Looking for a natural gift set that is specially tailored for providing an at home spa treatment? We have got you covered! The Spa Facial Set includes our soothing Honey Facial Cleanser, light and silky Revitalize Face Cream, deeply moisturizing Eye Oil and protecting Lip Balm. This sustainable collection is all about the face, making it is a great present for skincare enthusiasts or anyone who may need some DIY spa time to relax. Each Caley-Beth formula is lightweight and designed especially for mature and sensitive skin, plus the natural ingredients help soothe both the skin and senses.


Caley-Beth Facial Trio Beauty Box

The Facial Trio:

Gift wrapped ($61.50)

Unwrapped ($58.50)

Want to treat those special people in your life to a selfcare experience this Holiday Season? Caley-Beth has hand selected the natural Canadian skincare treatments that will provide the skin with indulgent pampering long into the new year! The Facial Trio is a sustainable gift set that includes our Honey Facial Cleanser, Revitalize Face Cream and Lip Balm. This trio works to add moisture and hydration, is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and also tackles acne and dry patches. What more could a skincare enthusiast wish for during the holidays??


Caley-Beth Mini Experience/ Travel Set comes with a free Travel Bag.

The Mini Experience Travel Set:



Travel sets make fantastic gifts, and that is why Caley-Beth has put together a special Mini Experience kit that will bring smiles this Holiday. Included in this natural Canadian beauty gift is a Mini Hand Lotion, Mini Honey Facial Cleanser, Mini Shave Balm, Mini After Shave Balm, Solid Bubble Bath, and Lip Balm. We have chosen four deluxe sizes and two full sizes that come inside a free black zip pouch to ensure this present is ideal for your next adventure. Each eco friendly treatment is designed to condition, soothe, and soften but it also provides a dose of positivity thanks to carefully selected ingredients like sweet honey and uplifting spearmint. It's perfect for those with the travel bug or anyone looking to try our natural range!


Caley-Beth Eco-Luxe Shaving Set

The Eco-Luxe Shaving Set:

Gift wrapped ($60.60)

Unwrapped (#57.60)

The holidays are a great time for giving essentials with a dose of luxury, and that is exactly what the Caley-Beth Eco Luxe Shaving Set provides. This natural and plastic free gift is ideal as a stocking stuffer or the main event. Our zero waste Shave Balm and After Shave Balm duo are award winning and offer a sustainable yet high end experience that no one will want to miss out on. This eco friendly shaving set is great for any women who appreciate smooth and soothed skin, man who is fond of grooming their beard or mustache, or anyone who wants an effective multi-tasker that can tackle everything from shaving to moisturizing.


Caley-Beth Eco Bath & Body Beauty Box

The Eco Bath and Body Experience:

Gift wrapped ($75)

Unwrapped ($72)

Say hello to the perfect present for those looking to kickstart sustainable habits and start their journey with greener living. It's also a great gift for anyone who loves a long soak in the tub! The Eco Bath and Body set comes with two of our award winning products as well as the freshest face in our Canadian beauty lineup. Unwrap the plastic free Shave Balm and After Shave Balm and get ready to indulge in our zero waste Solid Bubble Bar! This terrific trio will soothe and soften skin and leave your body feeling calm, rejuvenated, and soft all over.

Which handmade set are you hoping to find under the tree this year? We would love to know which of our natural Canadian beauty gifts catch your eye, so be sure to let us know over on social media. And, if you open a present from Caley-Beth this Holiday Season, share your experience so we can share in the joy!


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