Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide

Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers with Caley-Beth Beauty

The natural and handmade Caley-Beth beauty collection has skincare stocking stuffers that will benefit both mind and body this holiday season. Choose from travel sizes or full bottles, and spread the joy of ethically made products from a small business with these special eco friendly treatments.  Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift set guide as well!

Zero Waste Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Shaving doesn't have to be a tedious or basic task. With these zero waste balms from Caley-Beth, personal grooming feels luxurious and gives the skin a daily boost with soothing all natural ingredients.


Shave Balm ($26):

The plastic free Shave Balm from Caley-Beth is a sustainable stocking stuffer that elevates an everyday ritual. With a blend of cacao seed butter, aloe leaf juice, calendula extract, and coconut oil, this 100% natural shaving bar is designed to give a silky smooth experience. Nourishing, gentle, and softening, the Shave Balm reduces waste, lasts for months, and calms irritation. 

After Shave Balm ($26):

Who says shaving is the final step when it comes to grooming? Caley-Beth has created a moisturizing After Shave Balm that is plastic free, 100% natural, and super soothing for the skin. The combination of cocoa butter, beeswax, and calendula extract work to relieve razor bumps and rashes, and the zero waste bar also doubles as a conditioning treatment that softens and smooths as you apply.

Natural Facial Skincare Stocking Stuffers

Grab a skincare gift from Caley-Beth and bring your stocking stuffers to that next level. The facial treatments will be a hit this year!

Thrive Face Cream ($34.95):

Skincare lovers will be thrilled to find a jar of Thrive Face Cream in their stocking this holiday season, as this moisturizing product from Caley-Beth is packed full of nurturing natural ingredients. This eco friendly moisturizer works to brighten, hydrate, and soothe thanks to the combination of rose hydrosol, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid. The aromatherapeutic skincare is lightweight and gentle which makes the Thrive Face Cream a perfect fit for all skin types, especially those with mature or sensitive skin types.

Honey Facial Cleanser ($21.50):

One of the best stocking stuffers is products that make everyday rituals more luxurious, and the Honey Facial Cleanser from Caley-Beth is one that boosts morning and evening skincare routines. With a specially crafted formula containing locally sourced honey and deeply moisturizing glycerin, this all natural beauty staple is one that will soothe, hydrate, and gently cleanse away dirt, oils, and daily grime. It is sure to be a welcome addition to any holiday surprise!

Natural Eye Skincare Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a stocking stuffer that will really wow your loved ones this year? The ethically made eye treatments from Caley-Beth are sure to impress friends and family this holiday season.

Eye Serum ($69.95):

The all natural Eye Serum from Caley-Beth is a luxurious and eco friendly treatment that shows just how effective plant based ingredients can be! The handmade product contains seaweed extract, frankincense, and hyaluronic acid which all work to brighten, moisturize, and eliminate dry patches. Plus, the sustainable skincare plumps up the eye area and boosts cellular regeneration!

Eye Oil ($24.95):

Bring a smile to a skincare lovers face this holiday season by adding the Caley-Beth Eye Oil to their stocking! This treatment includes hazelnut, carrot seed, and Vitamin E oils, and it is a great way to rejuvenate tired and puffy eyes. With a dose of antioxidants and deeply replenishing nourishment, the roll on application is ideal for preventing moisture loss and free radical damage. Plus, it looks so stunning that anyone opening it on Christmas morning will be impressed!

Natural Body Skincare Stocking Stuffers

Bodycare is a stocking stuffer staple, but why not make it more sustainable this year with handmade and natural products from Caley-Beth?

Hand Lotion ($36.95):

This is not your average hand lotion. Caley-Beth utilizes intensive avocado oil, rich shea butter, and soothing carrot root oil to produce a 100% natural creation that is fast absorbing yet deeply nourishing. Sort out sore spots, dry patches, and winter worn skin with the luxurious and revitalizing treatment that will leave everyone with happy hands.

Lip Balm ($7.95):

Is a stocking even really complete without a lip balm? Caley-Beth formulates this natural skincare staple with softening shea butter, antioxidant rich sesame oil, deeply soothing myrrh, and classically fresh spearmint. It's packed full of plant based ingredients that will condition lips, and it is a perfect pair for the holiday season!

Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift set guide as well!


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