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Caley-Beth Celebrates World Bee Day!

For World Bee Day, Caley-Beth is celebrating the beauty of honey, beeswax, and more. Learn all about the powers of these natural ingredients, see why bees are so important, and discover how our sustainable skincare plays a part!

What Is World Bee Day?

World Bee Day is an initiative that aims to educate the world about the importance of bees. Started in 2017, this annual celebration highlights the crucial role these buzzing beauties play in agriculture, biodiversity, and food stability. It also acts as a reminder that these pollinators are under threat and calls for widespread action.

Bees in Beauty

Bees are essential for food production and pollination, but did you know they are also a huge help for our skin? Bee derived ingredients like honey and beeswax offer a wide range of benefits when it comes to beauty. Just check out what they can do!:

Honey on a honey dipper.

Skincare Benefits of Honey:

  • antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which minimize acne
  • naturally retains water to hydrate and moisturize
  • assists in cleaning away dirt and bacteria to reduce breakouts
  • antioxidant and nutrient rich to soothe and nourish damage
  • helps opens pores
  • full of natural enzymes to gently exfoliate and add radiance

Natural honeycomb beeswax.


Skincare Benefits of Beeswax:

  • Conditions and softens skin
  • Draws water to the skin as a humectant and improves hydration
  • Locks in moisture through occlusive layer
  • Relieves itching and calms irritation
  • Noncomedogenic and non-clogging which allows skin to breathe
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic which helps combat inflammation, infection, and skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne
  • Fights free radicals and premature aging with excellent source of Vitamin A
  • Vitamin A boosts skin cell growth and helps with scars and wrinkles
  • Protects against environmental damage from elements like pollution and wind
  • Assists sensitive skin including conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Caley-Beth Bee Powered Skincare

You will find honey and beeswax in many of our products, as we believe in the benefits these natural ingredients provide. For example, the Honey Facial Cleanser, Lip Balm, Hand & Body Lotion, and After Shave Balm all include these bee powered materials.

Caley-Beth doesn't just use honey and beeswax though. To ensure we support the apiaries that use the best practices to support the bees, we buy local! Presently we buy all our 100% Ontario honey and Canadian all natural beeswax from a local Toronto social enterprise dedicated to sustainable management of urban hives.

These locally sourced bee products are then lovingly added into our formulations as we hand craft our luxurious skincare. Discover the indulgent and soothing treatments below:

Caley-Beth Honey Facial Cleanser on pink towel.

Caley-Beth Honey Facial Cleanser: ideal for sensitive and acne prone skin, this cleanser is specially formulated so it's not sticky. It gently cleanses with honey and other natural ingredients, and helps soothe and hydrate your skin. This rinses easily without stripping your natural oils, and is a great moment of luxury in your daily routine.

Caley-Beth Spearmint Lip Balm on a silver plater.

Lip Balm: perfect for on the go, our lip balm helps relieve and protect dry, cracked lips with the help of natural beeswax. This conditions and adds long lasting hydration, and the spearmint essential oil adds an energizing boost to the formula.

Caley-Beth Hand Lotion with candles and pink flowers.

Hand & Body Lotion: replenish dry skin with our luscious lotion and enjoy the benefits of beeswax with each application. Deeply moisturizing and offering intense hydration, this fast absorbing treatment is great for adding renewed softness to your hands and body.

Caley-Beth After Shave Balm with safety razor on pink towel.

After Shave Balm: multi-award winning and a firm customer favourite, our After Shave Balm works to soothe, moisturize, and calm freshly shaved skin with the help of beeswax and natural butters. It's ideal for those struggling with razor rash and bumps, as well as those who want a low waste alternative.

Want to learn more about World Bee Day or help take part in celebrating these beautiful buzzing creatures? Feel free to reach out to us on social media, or check out the event page to see how you can do your part to help out!



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