Selfcare Tips for Everyday Routines

Selfcare Tips for Everyday Routines

How to create luxurious moments out of your daily routines:


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Relaxing Bathroom Decor:


The first step towards creating a moment of luxury out of an everyday ritual is to transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary. You want all the tranquil vibes and a peaceful environment so you can fully unwind and relax. The right décor can help produce a mindful space that is ideal for easing your mind and body at the end of the day, so it's important to have the room set up for your selfcare time.

First, try adding natural elements to the bathroom. Not only will this make the space feel more like an indoor spa, but science shows that being in nature actually helps reduce stress and anxiety. By decorating the room with plants or flowers, you can really set the mood and start to decompress.

You can also try placing a large mirror in the bathroom. This is great for getting ready and applying products, but that is not the only perk to the décor. Natural light helps to bring in the outdoors, and the reflective glass will bounce any sunshine it catches around the space. It's like having an extra piece of nature inside, plus the light works to make the room appear larger and brighter!

Another way to make your bathroom the ultimate selfcare space that will work to create moments of luxury out of your everyday rituals is to make sure that everything stays as neat and tidy as possible. Minimalist designs are soothing on the mind, as having a lot of clutter around can overstimulate the senses. Reduce the chaos, and keep the bathroom clean and calm.

A bubble bath with a plush towel for a headrest, beautiful flowers and candle light.

Setting the Mood for Selfcare:

Setting the mood for selfcare goes beyond just the décor you use in the bathroom though. To truly indulge in luxurious moments and make the most of your everyday routines, you will want to create a restful ambiance. This can be a spa-like experience with mood lighting to calm your mind after dark, or it can mean turning off all the lights and enjoying the magical glow of candles while you indulge in a warm shower or bath.

Whichever you choose, pair the mellow lighting with a tailor made playlist. Listening to your favorite slow and steady tunes can elevate the whole routine to make it feel extra special. Plus, music is known to boost mood as it can release the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin.


Be sure to set your phone to do not disturb mode so you can take a full pause. It's time to let the water wash over you, feel every small sensation, and let your body and mind unwind.

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Slow Down with Skincare:


Of course a luxurious selfcare moment doesn't seem complete without a bit of indulgent skincare. First, get all your pampering products ready to use, including a soft and cozy bathrobe, plush towels, and all your beauty essentials. You want to be sure there are no interruptions or distractions if possible. Set them up so everything is in easy reach, and prepare to sink into a moment of rest and relaxation.



Choosing natural products with plant based ingredients can make this selfcare time even more beneficial, as the botanicals can double as an aromatherapy treatment. That's why Caley-Beth takes care to handcraft our blends and create empowering treatments. Try breathing in the scent of the formula, and let the aroma wash over you. Naturally fragrant mandarin, frankincense, and rose are just a few of the essential oils and extracts that can boost wellbeing.


When it's time to apply your products, be sure to slow down and really experience every moment. Gently massage the formula into your skin, taking time to caress each area and lovingly appreciate your body. Try taking deep breaths as you move from one step to the next, and close your eyes as you let the skincare sink in and start to work its magic.

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