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Mini Experience/ Travel Set

Mini Experience/ Travel Set

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Discover our best-selling products in adorable miniatures, perfect for gifting or on-the-go convenience..  Indulge in Caley-Beth's all-natural, gentle and sustainable Mini Experience/ Travel Set collection designed to condition, soothe, and soften your skin.  

A $64 Value


Gift set includes:

  • Black Zipper Travel Bag - This durable machine washable canvas travel bag is perfect for beauty cosmetics and make-up for at home or on the go.  
  • Mini Honey Facial Cleanser - Gently cleanse and sooth your skin without stripping your natural oils.  leaves your face feeling clean, soft and hydrated.  Naturally smells like honey.  Specially formulated for all skin types.  Including sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • Mini Hand Lotion -  Soothing and moisturizing.  Specially formulated with all natural ingredients.  Leaves your skin feeling silky and nourished.  Fragrance free for sensitive skin.
  • Mini Shave Balm - Soothing botanicals to protect and moisturize for a silky smooth comfortable shave.  Our zero-waste formula turns from a solid to a lotion when activated with water.
  • Mini After Shave Balm - Calms and smooths freshly shaved skin, and helps to reduce razor bump, with an occlusive layer that locks in moisture, and condition your skin without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Solid Bubble Bath - Relaxing, zero waste, Botanical Bubble Scoops made with all natural ingredients to create big luxurious bubbles that soften skin and soothe tension.
  • Lip Balm - Relieve and protect dry cracked lips with our intensely nourishing lip balm.  Packed with plant-based and natural ingredients to soothe and condition your lips.
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