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We believe you shouldn't have to choose between luxury, eco friendly, and natural skincare 


 High Performance skincare with leaves

Effective Plant-based, natural ingredients to rejuvenate, soothe, protect and restore your skin.

Clean skincare.  Hand holding leaves.

All natural, quality non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to you or the environment. Free from petroleum by-products, synthetic colours and fragrances.

Sustainable skincare.  Planet with a leaf.


Ethically source ingredients, and certified cruelty free through the Leaping Bunny Program. We support the sustainable management of urban hives, by purchasing our raw bee ingredients through a social enterprise.  Which also supports our local Ontario apiaries.

$1.00 from each order goes to support local women's charities right here in Canada.  





Soothing Botanical Shave Balm & After Shave Balm

 I've experienced my own problems with painful and irritated skin caused by shaving. Since 2016 I've been obsessed with making and developing natural skin friendly solutions that are not only effective, but eco-friendly and luxurious. My mission is to help you protect and soothe your skin from itching, irritation and razor bumps caused by shaving. 


 Soothing botanical Caley-Beth Shave Balm &  After Shave Balm close up on fluffy pink towels.


Founder and CEO Caley Morris    

Meet Caley-Beth

I'm Caley-Beth, certified organic skincare formulator, and nature enthusiast who's passionate about the power of nature to heal. I'm the founder of Caley-Beth. 

I believe in pro aging and empowering mature women with effective natural, and sustainable skincare so they can embrace the freedom of being confident in their skin.

I started Caley-Beth making lotions, serums and cleansers.  Since then I've become committed to formulating zero-waste skin & body care products.  I hope you'll join me on my sustainability journey.

My products are hand-crafted here in Ontario, Canada.  My goal is to turn  your daily routines into luxurious moments with eco-conscious skincare that doesn't sacrifice high-performance. It's luxury skincare you can feel good about.  

Caley-Beth is natural and sustainable skincare that works!



Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

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