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Honey Facial Cleanser

Honey Facial Cleanser

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Gently cleanse away daily dirt, bacteria and grime and without stripping your natural oils.  Boost morning and evening skincare routines with an all natural, clean and simple formula containing locally sourced honey to soothe your skin and glycerin for deep hydration to leave your face feeling clean and soft.  Deliciously scented from pure natural honey.  Specially crafted for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin.

Enjoy soft, smooth skin with a radiant glow!

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 Why we love it!

  • Gentle 
  • Made with local ethically sourced honey
  • Specially formulated so it's not sticky, and rinses easily without stripping your natural oils.
  • Excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive & acne prone skin
  • Honeys natural antibacterial & antimicrobial properties cleanse dirt & bacteria that cause acne
  • Naturally retains water for deep hydration, to leave skin feeling soft & smooth
  • Nutrient rich with antioxidants to help smooth and nourish damaged skin
  • Helps to open pores making them easier to unclog
  • Natural enzymes help slough off dead skin sells, for skin that looks bright and radiant
  • Made by a small, independent company in Canada that cares about you and nature



"The Honey Facial Cleanser has the most wonderful honey scent. Leaves a clean & moisturized skin. Not greasy or oily at all. Very gentle on sensitive skin. It's a winner for me."

"I have been using Honey Facial Cleanser for about two years now. I have fairly sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and had been looking for a cleanser that was effective but not formulated with harsh chemicals. I was perhaps a bit skeptical at first that this lightweight, natural cleanser could do the job, but became a believer when it consistently left my face feeling clean and looking bright with a healthy glow. Honey Facial Cleanser is now an essential part of my “looking great, feeling great” regime."

"I LOVE how the CB Honey Facial Cleanser cleans so gently and yet thoroughly. It is the only product where I feel my stage make-up is truly gone while leaving my skin soft and unharmed. It is a miracle cleanser."


To read all of our glowing reviews or to tell us how our Honey Facial Cleanser has helped you, scroll down to the bottom the page.  

Nutrient-Rich, sooths, hydrates and deeply cleanses dry sensitive skin.

Our honey comes from a local apiary.

Deeply Moisturizing, attracts and retains moisture.  Leaving skin feeling hydrated and smooth.



Glycerin, Raw Honey, Aqua (Water), Coco Glucocide, Xanthan Gum, Aqua, Hydrolysed Oats, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract & Glycerin.


Wet face with warm water.  Massage Honey Facial Cleanser into your skin.  For deeper pore cleaning leave on your face a few minutes.  Wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Basic Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Serums
  3. Facial Oils
  4. Face Cream
  5. Lip Balm


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