Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 Winners Badge.

Caley-Beth WINS 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards!

A few months ago we excitedly shared the news that Caley-Beth had been featured as a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards. Well, today we are ecstatic to announce that we have been voted the Best New Body Care Brand of 2022!

As you may remember, the Pure Beauty Global Awards annually recognize brands that are taking the industry by storm. The competition is fierce as businesses both big and small are represented, and the winners receive international exposure which is a huge deal when your products are handmade like ours.


Caley-Beth Shave Balm with Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 winners badge.

Caley-Beth entered our beloved Shave Balm in the hopes that the expert judges would be just as impressed with our natural creation as our loyal customers are. Everything from effectiveness, packaging, functionality, usability, innovation, and unique selling points are considered, meaning it's a difficult position to land. We really were not sure how it would go. With categories being judged by facialists, makeup artists, manufacturers, retailers, and other industry professionals, we knew our product would need to be exceptional to stand out... So imagine the thrill of receiving that congratulations email knowing how tough the competition was!


Caley-Beth with Pure Beauty Global Award 2022 gold winners badge, in the Best New Body Care Brand category.


Caley-Beth was awarded Best New Body Care Brand of 2022 by the Pure Beauty Global Awards, and words cannot express how pleased we are with this news.


Caley-Beth Shave Balm shown open, with the inside of the box.  Showing a rose inside the bottom of the box, and "Life's little luxuries" in the top.


Our multi-award winning eco friendly treatment is a sustainable solution that has captured many hearts and reduced a huge amount of plastic waste, and Caley-Beth is so proud to have our handmade natural skincare honored by the Pure Beauty Global Awards. Not only is the Shave Balm free from palm oil, it also contains 100% natural ingredients and offers a gentle experience for all skin types. 

Caley-Beth crafted our superstar shave treatment using a blend of nurturing oils, calming extracts, and replenishing butters in order to protect against razor bumps and burns. This formula also soothes and moisturizes with every use! If you want to boost an everyday routine and make it a luxurious experience every time, our sustainable Shave Balm is a must.

Want to read more about our win with Pure Beauty Global Awards? You can celebrate with us by checking out the June issue of the Pure Beauty Magazine!



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