A Women's Guide To Using A Safety Razor and Its Benefits

A Women's Guide To Using A Safety Razor and Its Benefits

Switching to a safety razor is an eco-friendly alternative with many benefits. However, many women feel intimidated by this sustainable swap. Discover all the benefits and how to use this beauty tool in today's post, and learn how to shave with confidence!

Caley-Beth Double Edge Safety Razor in Rose Gold and Matte Black.


What Is A Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a tool that offers a close shave without the need for professional skills. With a double-edged head and a single blade that offers a consistent shave, these have quickly become popular in the last few years. Not only does a safety razor look smart on the shelf, but it also offers a wide range of benefits including great eco-friendly credentials.

Why Choose A Safety Razor?

From financial gains to sustainable qualities, a double-edged razor brings a whole lot of positives. Choosing a safety razor is a great idea for those looking to save their skin, planet, and bank account any stress. Just take a look at all the benefits!:

Eco-Friendly Razor:

With no plastic and replaceable blades, safety razors are an eco-friendly woman's dream come true. These are as close to zero waste as you can get and offer a long-lasting alternative that generates minimal trash. While a disposable razor is typically made from non-recyclable plastic and often has a plastic fastener that attaches to the sharp edges, safety razors tend to be metal through and through. The only piece of the tool that is ever removed is the single thin blade, and this can be recycled and transformed into new products. This is equipment built to last, and it minimizes damage to the environment by cutting down on excess parts.

The Cheaper Choice:

While buying dollar razors or multi-packs of disposables seems like the budget friendly option at first glance, experience shows otherwise. It is estimated that women will spend between $10,000 and $30,000 on hair removal in their lifetime, but it doesn't have to be that way. Rather than dropping money on cheaply made and quickly replaced cartridge tools, why not opt for a lifelong purchase like a safety razor? With just one upfront cost and then periodic purchases of the affordable blades, it ends up leading to huge savings.

Gentle on the Skin:

Popular razor brands have several blades on a cartridge, and while this seems like a good idea in theory (more blades mean more hair removed, right??), in practice it can actually lead to a lot of problems. The friction caused by multiple blades can lead to severe irritation, nicks and cuts, and damage to the skin. Rather than gliding along with the grain of the hair, disposables tend to stretch the skin with the rubber inserts you see above and below the blades and slice the hairs off from below the surface.  Increasing the chance of ingrown hairs, and bumps.  An eco-friendly safety razor, on the other hand, is one of the best razors for sensitive skin because works to shave along the natural curve of the skin and leaves a clean cut and healthy finish.


A woman caressing her silky smooth legs.


Benefits Of A Safety Razor

A safety razor is better for the planet, your wallet, and your skin – but what exactly does it do to improve your shaving experience?


  •  Reduce skin irritation such as razor rash, bumps, and redness.
  • Minimize the chance of ingrown hairs.

  • Superior quality blades made with medical grade steel enable thinner, finer-edged blades, resulting in a closer shave.
  • Closer, more even shave and silky smooth skin.
  • Connects you with your body.

  • Extends a long-running tradition.

  • Less irritation with no added ingredients in lubricating strips (it's just pure metal!).


Caley-Beth Shave Balm next to a rose gold double edge safety razor on a bathroom counter.

How To Use A Safety Razor

No need to be nervous about using a safety razor. It has a little bit of a learning curve, but as they are created with ease of use in mind it won't be long before you master it.


1.  Prepping Your Safety Razor:  

To use a safety razor, first ensure that you are using a clean fresh blade, and it is snugly in place. 


2.  Protect & Moisturize Your Skin:

Use a lubricating moisturizer to provide a superior glide for your razor to help prevent nicks and scrapes, like Caley-Beth Shave Balm.  Its unique formula changes from a solid to a lotion when you add water.  Unlike soaps or foams, it doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils.  It moisturizes while you shave.


3.  Hold Your Razor at a 30° Angle:

Safety Razor, as the name suggests has a protective guard to help avoid nicks and cuts.  Simply angle your razor around 30 degrees so the guard is out of the way and the blade catches the hair.


4.  Let The Razor Do All The Work:

Unlike cartridge razors, you don't want to pull or press the blade. Just guide the safety razor across your skin and let the weight of the razor do all the work. There is no need for pressure.


5.  Short Strokes:

For best results use short strokes spanning approximately 1-3cm to minimize nicks, cuts, hair tugging, and clogging your razor. 


6.  Shave With The Grain:

Shaving against the grain, or opposite the direction of hair growth, often leads to irritation. Opting to shave with the grain significantly diminishes the risk of irritation while still achieving a close shave.  Especially for sensitive parts like underarms and bikini-line. 


7. Gentle Around Knobby Bits:

Take your time and be gentle when shaving around ankles, knees, and shins. 


8.  Flip and Rinse:

One of the benefits of a Double Edge Safety Razor is it has two sides.  As your razor begins to clog flip it over and use the fresh blade on the other side, then rinse clean.


9.  Achieve A Closer Shave With A Second Pass:

Following the initial shave in the direction of hair growth, you may opt for a second pass to get an even closer shave. Reapply your Shave Balm then your second pass should go across the direction of hair growth.


10.  You're Done!

You can rinse or leave on your Shave Balm for extra moisture.  After all, it is a lotion!  Pat dry with a towel.  You can end here or apply Caley-Beth  After Shave Balm to lock in that moisture and condition your skin. It's soothing botanicals help to calm freshly shaved skin. 


When starting out using a Safety Razor the key is to take your time and don't rush. Before you know it you'll have a clean, silky smooth shave.




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