Shave Balm

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Envelop and protect your skin during shaving, leaving it soothed, soft and moisturized.  With all-natural ingredients, minimal waste and a feeling of true indulgence, it's an everyday skincare luxury that you can't live without.
Our unique formula changes from a balm to a moisturizing shave lotion when water is added.  

Enjoy your silkiest shave yet!

Featured Ingredients:
Cocoa Butter
Richly moisturizing;  nourishes inflamed skin.

Aloe Vera

Hydrating: promotes skin regeneration and soothes itchy skin.

Comfrey Oil:
Gently moisturizing; smooths dry flaky skin.  Its main constituent is allantion which aids skin with irritation and rashes.


Directions:  Glide the bar over wet skin before shaving to create a light lotion.  Shave, rinsing razor blade frequently.  Reapply for added moisture.  Allow the bar to dry between shaves for optimum performance and shelf life.