After Shave Balm

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Add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine with a balm to soothe, mosturise and calm freshly shaved skin.  This all-natural, eco-luxury, minimal-waste balm will save your skin from the damaging and irritating effects caused by shaving, leaving your skin feeling its very best. 

Experience your smoothest ever finish.

Featured Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter:
Richly moisturizing: nourishes inflamed skin.


Calendula Oil:
Soothing; dry, chapped and irritated skin.


Conditions; hydrates, soothes and calms skin.  Its occlusive layer helps to lock in moisture.

Directions:  Glide the bar over freshly shaved skin, allowing the warmth of your skin to melt the balm.  Alternatively, rub the bar between your hands and use your hands to apply the balm to skin.  Store the balm is a cool place.