Caley-Beth Highly Commended at Health & Wellbeing Awards!

Caley-Beth Highly Commended at Health & Wellbeing Awards!


Health & Wellbeing Awards 2021 - Highly Commended

Sustainable skincare for the win! That's what Caley-Beth likes to hear, and today we are sharing about one of our proud achievements... We are beyond happy to announce a big milestone we hit thanks to the Health & Wellbeing Awards!

Having our small business appreciated is always awarding, but being recognized officially is extra exciting. Caley-Beth was named Highly Commended at the Health & Wellbeing Awards 2021, and we think it is something to celebrate!


The Health & Wellbeing Awards are held annually and highlight five categories: fitness, beauty, food, mind and body, and one special focus area. These categories unveil the best of the best, and feature everything from leggings and aromatherapy to hair care and workout essentials.


Each year a panel of nutritionists and celebrity columnists rigorously test submitted wellness products in order to showcase the top entries. Not only is the Health & Wellbeing Awards a champion of quality, it also honors packaging and innovation. Being noticed by the panel is a huge accomplishment, as it means your brand and product demonstrates excellence on every level.


Caley-Beth entered in a record breaking year, so our achievement is all the more memorable. With a 209% growth, the competition was exceptionally fierce, but our handmade and natural products were able to shine bright and impress the judges. Our customer favourite plastic free Shave Balm was runner up in the Body Care category, and we are beyond proud.


This low waste Shave Balm is 100% natural and cruelty free, and it has been designed to last for up to four months making it a great sustainable swap. It's also free from palm oil, petroleum based products, synthetic fragrance, and artificial colouring.


Our Shave Balm is a popular pick for many reasons, but the most special element for us is our innovative solid formula. Caley-Beth minimizes water waste by cutting out this valuable resource where possible, but we took care to produce a unique product that would perform well in any situation. The plastic free bar activates when wet and transforms into a silky lotion that softens and lubricates the skin so you get the perfect shave every time. It's pure plant powered magic!


We worked hard to create an effective plant based formula that is soothing, money saving, and conditioning, and we are so glad that the judges for 2021's Health & Wellbeing Awards recognized our efforts.

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