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Caley-Beth After Shave Balm Featured In She's Single Magazine!

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Caley-Beth is dedicated to high quality and high performance natural beauty products.  We believe in empowering women  with clean, 100% natural, and sustainable skincare so they can embrace the freedom of being confident in their skin. To be featured in She's Single is a natural fit.


She's Single Magazine believe Women Empowerment – Feminism – Independence and Self-Love are all vital elements for self- preservation and success.  They are committed to giving women the platform, love, recognition and guidance needed to maneuver in a society where women get the most pressure from the world, with stories told by women, for women.

Why are eco friendly bath and body products something your skin needs? Well, it's 100% natural and free from problematic ingredients like palm oil, petroleum based products, and synthetic fragrances. Plus, the bars cut down on pollution by cutting out plastic waste. 
Our low waste After Shave Balm is a perfect for post shave soothing, as the richly nourishing oils and butters calms freshly shaved skin. It conditions as you massage in the luscious balm, and locks in moisture to protect and pamper all day long. It's a daily skincare luxury you can't live without, so I'm happy to have it featured in this article.
Caley-Beth After Shave Balm featured in She's Single article
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