Sensitive Skin Solutions With Caley-Beth Natural Skincare

Sensitive Skin Solutions With Caley-Beth Natural Skincare

Wondering why customers with sensitive skin love Caley-Beth products? Today we're sharing what sets our Shave Balm and After Shave Balm apart and makes them a great pick for those struggling with eczema, psoriasis, and more!

As you know, Caley-Beth is an all natural and handmade beauty brand that prioritizes the environment as well as our customer's experience. We are very proud to have created zero waste options that serve as sustainable solutions as well as soothing and restoring treatments. Our multi-award winning Shave Balm and After Shave Balm are for all women, but particularly those with sensitive skin.


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Some of our clients suffer from itchy and irritated skin caused by shaving, psoriasis, eczema, red and inflamed skin, razor bumps and KP (Keratosis pilaris) that causes dry rough patches of skin and tiny bumps. After using Caley-Beth Shave Balm & After Shave Balm they have reported that they noticed softer, smoother skin with no flare ups. Some have even said that their skin felt moisturized for days after using them!

But don't just take our word for it... Today we'll be sharing what makes our Shave Balm and After Shave Balm special, but you can also hear what customers have said about these eco friendly products.

Shave Balm

Caley-Beth Shave Balm laying in beautiful pink and green flowers


The Caley-Beth Shave Balm is unique and innovative in that it turns from a solid bar to a lotion when activated with water. However, this is not a soap. It is a lotion packed full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients like cacao butter, aloe vera juice, and olive oil. Unlike soap or other shave foams there are no harsh skin irritants and it doesn't strip your skin of it's natural oils.  The treatment can be reapplied and left on to nourish and moisturize skin. 

In fact, our Shave Balm includes calming botanicals like calendula, comfrey and carrot root which ease irritation and help soothe rashes. It's ideal for banishing pesky razor bumps, but is also very much appreciated for those who need some extra TLC when it comes to their skin.


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One customer says “I have something called kp which leaves bumps all over my arms and legs. It required extra moisture and I did find this product helped make the bumps smoother."

Cindy states how she loves the Shave Balm, writing, “I like how easily the balm applies onto the skin, a few glides on the skin and you already get a nice moisture to begin shaving. I also like how moisturizing it leaves my legs post-shave. With regular store bought shaving cream, my legs get immediately irritated and dry after I get out of the shower. But after using the shave balm, my legs didn’t get irritated at all and felt super smooth too!"

Fran continues to show the love, saying “I absolutely love the Shave Balm. It leaves my skin soft and smooth unlike soap which leaves my skin feeling irritated and dry. I would definitely recommend the Shave Balm to everyone. Its so easy to use. A very innovative and unique product."

Ayla comments they have “never had a shave balm like this” and explains how easy the treatment is to use. She says it “felt so great on the skin- during and after the whole shaving process! Sometimes my skin gets irritated but I do find that after using this my razor bumps were minimal and not as red as usual which is a huge plus. I definitely recommend this product as it’s also natural and has great ingredients for your skin. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product CB!"

You are very welcome, and we thank YOU for being so enthusiastic about our creations!

After Shave Balm


Caley-Beth After Shave Balm laying in beautiful pink and green flowers.


The Caley-Beth After Shave Balm compliments the Shave Balm by calming and soothing freshly shaved skin. The treatment changes from a solid to a lotion with the warmth of your skin, and is softening as well as soothing which makes it a great choice for all skin types.

Like its sister product, this formula contains cocoa butter to richly moisturize and nourish inflamed skin. The After Shave Balm also includes beeswax to condition, replenish, and calm skin. Its occlusive layer helps to lock in moisture, and it's perfect for restoring peace to irritated or dry areas. Just take a look at what some of our customers think!:

Elle says “As a person with sensitive skin, the products in this after balm were incredibly moisturizing on my skin and did not produce any allergic reactions. The product rubs in very well and does not leave a sticky or odd residue/texture. I've even used it for my dry skin elsewhere when not shaving. Would highly recommend this If you're looking for a zero waste, ultra-hydrating and cruelty free product!

Saiyed describes the After Shave Balm as "The absolute best!” and comments “This after shave bar is literal gold! It is incredibly moisturizing, smells neutral, and has never once irritated my sensitive skin. Highly recommend!!"


A woman in a white tank top sitting on the floor feeling her smooth legs.

Grace explains that it left her legs moisturized for days, and shares that she “Really enjoyed using this product- especially as someone with very dry skin. I found that my legs actually stayed moisturizer for the next 2/3 days after a single use. It applied smoothly and did what it was intended to do."

Pallavi confirms how soothing it is, stating “This is a lovely product. I’m sensitive to smells and look out for all natural product and the after shave balm marked all the checks on my list. As I age gracefully shaving does leave my skin irritated and the balm swoops right in to help me out. Highly recommend for anyone looking at this product. It is worth it.”

And Nia brought us big smiles when they wrote “This is unlike any product I’ve used before!” Producing unique and effective products is what Caley-Beth aims for when crafting our luxurious and eco friendly skincare, so we were thrilled to hear that our customers recognize this too!

We know that our clients care greatly for the earth and their communities, so Caley-Beth is always striving to develop more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products that don't sacrifice the high performance and luxurious experience our clients expect. We are on a sustainability journey, and we'd like to take our clients with us as we take steps to improve every day. Will you join us on this adventure?



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