How to Use Caley-Beth Plastic Free Shave Balm

How to Use Caley-Beth Plastic Free Shave Balm

Caley-Beth 100% Natural, High-Performance Beauty Products.  Shave Balm.

Why Choose the Zero Waste Caley-Beth Shave Balm?

Choosing plastic free products is increasingly becoming a popular choice as people look to making sustainable changes in their personal lives. Not only do zero waste products minimize the amount of pollution adding to landfills, they also can benefit your health. Natural and handmade brands like Caley-Beth are dedicated to creating high performance formulas that do not threaten the environment or your wellbeing. By choosing to use powerful botanicals and eco friendly ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe, and comfrey we can produce luxurious experiences that are kind to the planet and to the skin!

Unlike traditional shaving foams and gels, the Caley-Beth Shave Balm comes in entirely plastic free packaging. The paper is fully recyclable, and the low waste alternative takes up less space so you can have a clutter free bathroom. This zero waste staple is also packed full of nourishing ingredients. You will not find any synthetic additives or potential toxins here! Instead, you can enjoy the power of nature and let the unique formula revitalize your skin as you shave. And don't let the appearance fool you – this is no typical bar of soap. While standard soaps can result in dry patches and lead to a tight itchy feeling, our eco friendly Shave Balm conditions and replenishes the body. It's a special treat, and one that you are sure to love!

Why People Love Caley-Beth Shave Balm:

Our all natural Shave Balm is a popular pick for so many reasons. The cruelty free formula is solid, meaning it does not contain water. This minimizes the use of a valuable resource, but it also ensures your skin is getting a full dose of active ingredients and can enjoy all the nurturing butters, oils, and extracts without any of it being watered down. Caley-Beth also worked hard to craft a plastic free product that is long lasting so it is cost effective as well as eco friendly. The calming treatment offers a wide range of benefits, all of which elevate your shaving routine and add a much needed moment of luxury to your life. Check it out:

  • 100% natural
  • Palm free
  • Lasts 6+ months
  • Soothes and protects skin from razor burn, nicks, scrapes, and irritation caused by shaving
  • Ideal for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin
  • Sustainable, low waste recyclable paper packaging & plastic-free
  • Free from synthetic fragrances and colours
  • Cruelty free
  • Free from petroleum by-products
  • Award-winning
  • Made by a small, independent company in Canada that cares about you and nature

Shaving Made Easy: 3-Step Sustainable Beauty

Caley-Beth has made the plastic-free Shave Balm super easy to use. There is no guesswork involved, and you can indulge in a luxurious shave in just three simple steps.

First, wet your skin so the area you want to shave is nice and damp. Do the same to the solid Shave Balm, and get ready for the start of your relaxing experience.

Next, gently glide the natural Shave Balm across your skin. Watch as the solid balm transforms into a silky lotion when activated with water – it really is nature's magic! This softening treatment works to lubricate the skin so your razor will slip across with ease. Not only does this make shaving faster, it also acts as protection. The Caley-Beth plastic free Shave Balm leads to fewer nicks and scrapes, reduces irritation, and minimizes bumps and redness. Plus, the blend of cocoa butter, aloe leaf juice, and plant oils add moisture and a dose of hydration so your body remains nourished and smooth all day long.


How to use Caley-Beth Shave Balm Bar Gif.

Finally, shave as normal and rinse your blade as you go. You can watch the full three step process here, and see for yourself just how easy it is! The lotion will collect along the edge of the razor and will wipe away with just a splash of water. This makes cleanup a breeze, and ensures that there is no heavy or waxy coating left behind on your body when you have finished grooming. If you want an extra dose of moisture, just reapply when you are finished shaving and let the natural ingredients sink in. The multi-purpose benefits really makes the Shave Balm a great sustainable swap as it offers exceptional quality and quick results that any modern woman or man will appreciate!

Want to learn more about our zero waste Shave Balm and After Shave Balm? Check out our in depth comparison, and get to know these plastic free staples even better!




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