How to Use Caley-Beth Plastic Free After Shave Balm

How to Use Caley-Beth Plastic Free After Shave Balm

Caley-Beth After Shave Balm

Why Choose the Caley-Beth After Shave Balm?


A plastic free after shave can help reduce razor bumps, irritation, and redness, but did you know that traditional grooming products can be loaded with plastic and potentially toxic chemicals? At Caley-Beth, we promise to reduce pollution by offering a zero waste treatment that is free from synthetic colours and fragrance, petroleum by-products, and palm oil. Our sustainable skincare is natural and handcrafted, and will elevate daily routines so you can nourish yourself with confidence!


The plastic free After Shave Balm from Caley-Beth contains high performance botanicals that deeply condition, calm, and sooth freshly shaved skin, and the blend of shea butter and coconut oil offer a delicious chocolate aroma that brings a moment of pure luxury to the day. The all natural ingredients pamper irritated and inflamed skin, plus they lock in moisture so your body can remain soft and smooth all day long.



Why People Love Caley-Beth After Shave Balm:

Not only is this blue beauty formula reducing plastic waste, it is also minimizing the amount of water used, easing our body's exposure to potentially toxic ingredients, and it works fast to achieve the results promised. This cruelty free and sustainable grooming product is an all in one treatment that calms and moisturizes, and it does this without the need of any harmful additives. See for yourself what customers love about our After Shave Balm!:


  • 100% natural & palm free

  • Calms and smooths freshly shaved skin

  • Helps to relieve razor bumps & irritation

  • Ideal for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin

  • Sustainable, low waste recyclable paper packaging & plastic free

  • Free from synthetic fragrance and colours

  • Cruelty free

  • Free from petroleum by-products

  • Made by a small, independent company in Canada that cares about you and nature.



One Step Skincare Routine: Sustainable Beauty

Using our zero waste After Shave Balm is so simple. It takes just one quick step, so this is the ultimate time saver in a beauty routine! If you don't have minutes to lose, lead a busy life, or are not one for a ten step ritual, this sustainable product is definitely one for you.


How to use Caley-Beth After Shave Balm Bar Gif.


To use the plastic free bar, all you need to do is take it out of the recyclable cardboard box and begin to gently caress the area that needs attention. Wherever your razor was used, the Caley-Beth After Shave Balm can provide some tender loving care and revitalize the skin so it is totally replenished.


The sustainable After Shave Balm from Caley-Beth glides easily across the skin, and as the warmth of the body melts the all natural ingredients, the formula transfers the richly nurturing oils and butters to the applied area. You can also rub the eco friendly bar between your hands and then coat the skin as needed with that nourishing buttery substance.


It's really that easy! The locally sourced beeswax, ethical calendula, comfrey, and carrot extracts, and healing butters and oils all make for a high performance treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry, chapped, and rashy skin. Caley-Beth has crafted a sustainable beauty product that can help every woman (and man) thrive in a busy world, plus it is better for the planet too. They say seeing is believing, so you can see for yourself how simple and fast it is to apply by watching our How To video.  Let us know what you think!



Want to learn more about our zero waste Shave Balm and After Shave Balm? Check out our in depth comparison, and get to know these plastic free staples even better!

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