Clean vs Green vs Natural Beauty & Our Commitment To You

Clean vs Green vs Natural Beauty & Our Commitment To You

When shopping online it can be hard to know what beauty products are right for you.  As an entrepreneur, I want to empower whoever comes across my products with the knowledge they’re making an educated decision when they shop. I’ve always intended my brand to be about providing high-performance natural, clean, green and luxurious skincare products.

 But you’re probably wondering: What’s the difference between clean, green and natural beauty?  Today, I’m going to give you the 4-1-1 on clean vs green vs natural (spoiler alert: Caley-Beth values them all!). 


So let’s start off with some quick definitions, shall we?


First off, it’s important to note that none of these terms are regulated, so it’s important to understand what a company means when they use them.  This is why we are passionate about telling you what they mean!


Clean –  

Whenever you’re shopping for skincare and someone refers to beauty products as clean, it means that they are formulated without harmful, toxic ingredients and are safe to use. These may be natural or synthetic, but are generally not considered detrimental to the environment nor to your body. 

At Caley-Beth we use quality, 100% natural, effective, non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to you or the environment.  Free from petroleum by-products, synthetic colours or fragrances.

“Clean beauty” is safer than products with a lot of toxic ingredients. After all, your skin is porous and absorbs products -- so it’s important to be mindful of what you put on and IN your body! 


Green – 

Green beauty usually means products that are made sustainably and are considered eco-friendly. This means the brand vows to not harm the earth.  At Caley-Beth we consider the entire lifecycle of the product.  From it’s formulation, how they are manufactured straight through to post consumer waste.  For us it also refers to the ingredients we use, which are plant-based and 100% natural.  “Green” makes a difference for any consumer that’s trying to lower their ecological footprint! 

We are always striving to develop more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious products that don’t sacrifice high performance and luxuriousness.  As a small business, we are on a sustainability journey, and we’d like to take you with us as we take steps to improve every day.


Natural – 

Means the ingredients are derived from nature, such as from plants, essential oils, fruits and veggies. A purist may say that natural ingredients for skincare have to be picked directly from nature with no chemical processing. 

Some beauty brands will want to take advantage of nature derived ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives, surfactants, chelators, solubilizers and other functional ingredients to create lotions, creams, serums, foaming products and gels. These functional ingredients will need to undergo a degree of chemical processing before they can be used, and are considered natural.

At Caley-Beth, many of our  ingredients are picked directly from nature, and balance them with nature derived ingredients to bring our customers the types of products they want to use.


Bonus definition: Luxury -  

At Caley-Beth, our products are beautiful, artisan crafted with potent high-performance botanicals to protect, soothe, pamper and rejuvenate your skin. We do luxury without sacrificing integrity. We never test on animals, and our products are safe for people and kind to the beautiful earth that we inhabit.

We know you care greatly for the earth and its communities, so we are always striving to develop more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious products that don’t sacrifice the high performance and luxuriousness you want.  One of our key values as a brand is providing natural, clean, green, luxury beauty to our consumers that people can feel good about using.   


Our Commitment 

Our brand is all about being natural, clean, green and luxurious while using simple, safe ingredients that are carefully selected, ethically sourced and effective to bring our clients the best results. 

We use quality, non-toxic ingredients that we make sure aren't harmful for you or for the environment. Our products are made green (eco-friendly) through biodegradable, plastic-free, low-waste or recyclable packaging. Our Shave Balm & After Shave Balm are sustainable and palm-free. Finally, our products create luxurious, special moments out of your daily routines.  Selfcare is easy when you pamper yourself with products that are carefully crafted and artisanally-made, with high-performance botanicals that feel good on the skin and bring rejuvenation.


What else sets us apart as an ethical beauty brand? 

All of our products are cruelty free. We support local apiaries by buying all our raw bee ingredients from a local Toronto social enterprise dedicated to sustainable management of urban hives, named Bees Are Life. ⁠To ensure we support the apiaries that use the best practices to support the bees. ⁠We endeavour to purchase our raw materials from ethical sources. We also believe that empowered women empower women. We also like to give back by donating $1 from every purchase to local women’s charities.  

If you have any questions about any of our skincare products, or want to chat with me, reach out! If you liked this post and found it helpful, I would be delighted if you would send this blog post to a friend!

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