Beauty Benefits of Comfrey Oil

Beauty Benefits of Comfrey Oil

Comfrey oil is a star ingredient in our Caley-Beth sustainable shaving products thanks to its moisturizing, healing, and replenishing properties. Discover what this plant has to offer and learn all about what makes it so special in today's comfrey oil spotlight!

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What Is Comfrey Oil?

Comfrey oil isn't a new trendsetting ingredient in skincare, but it has been making waves throughout history. Even Greek physicians trusted in the plant powered benefits of this natural oil, and for good reason!

Known for its moisturizing and healing properties, comfrey oil is a perfect addition to a formula aiming to protect the skin. That's why Caley-Beth includes this powerhouse in both our award winning Shave Balm and After Shave Balm. But what exactly makes this ingredient such a stand out, and where does it come from?


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Comfrey oil is produced from the perennial herb Symphytum officinale, or common comfrey. It can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America, making it a widely accessible ingredient for natural skincare brands. The roots and leaves of this flowering shrub plant are known to have healing benefits, and when infused with a neutral oil it becomes a perfect pick for beauty treatments that aim to nourish, soothe, and replenish skin.

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Benefits of Comfrey Oil

As a natural skincare brand, Caley-Beth appreciates effective multitasking ingredients that deliver real results. Comfrey oil just so happens to be one of our favourites! We choose to use comfrey oil in our Shave Balm and After Shave Balm because of the wide range of benefits it offers – just check out all this plant has to offer:

  • Boosts cell renewal: Comfrey oil contains allantoin, a substance that deserves a lot of hype when it comes to skincare. This moisturizing ingredient soothes the skin, exfoliates dead cells, and works to improve dull and dehydrated complexions. Plus, as it boosts collagen production it's ideal for rejuvenating the skin.

  • Skin softening: This vegan ingredient has shown to improve skin texture over time. It works to soften and smooth thanks to comfrey acting as a keratolytic. It effects keratin so that it allows the skin to hold more water, and this results in a moisturized and plump appearance.

  • Heals wounds: Science has shown that comfrey oil has a lot of potential when it comes to wound healing, and that's why Caley-Beth includes this powerhouse in our sustainable shaving products. Comfrey can help with abrasions and works to soothe irritations, making it the perfect pick for those suffering from razor rash, nicks, and bumps.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Along with healing wounds, comfrey oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for sensitive and upset skin. The combination of the plant's allantoin and mucilage (a sticky sugary substance produced by comfrey) create a dynamic duo that alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.


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Using Comfrey Oil for Shaving

While shaving gives many women and men comfort, piece of mind, and confidence, it can also be difficult on the skin. That is why taking precautions to reduce damage is essential. Rather than accepting razor bumps, rash, and frequent irritation as an unavoidable consequence of eliminating hair, it's time to make a change and have bare skin that is calm and carefree!

For Caley-Beth, comfrey oil is the secret. We include this vegan ingredient in both our Shave Balm and After Shave Balm as it helps relieve pain and treat sensitivities. By joining forces with other soothing botanicals and butters like calendula and cocoa, our sustainable formula can work its magic.

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Prepping delicate areas before removing hair helps reduce friction, so we ensure the skin is well conditioned and lubricated to reduce the chance of nicks and scrapes. Caley-Beth then offers freshly shaved skin a major dose of moisture so it is nourished, replenished, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at it.

Comfrey oil is a key part of our award winning shaving duo, and it brings noticeable results. Don't want to just take us at our word? See what our customers have to say! They all rave about how soft our treatments leave their bodies and marvel at the lack of flare ups for their sensitive skin. We applaud the effectiveness of comfrey oil and will continue to appreciate what it offers to our natural skincare.





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