Top 5 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Top 5 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Looking for tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all winter long? Today it's time to talk about natural remedies to improve your complexion all year long. Because Caley-Beth believes that while the weather outside may be frightful, your skin can still be delightful!

Drink More:

Water that is! The winter weather can easily lead to dehydration, so be sure to drink enough each day. This natural skincare tip is free and easy to try, so why not go for it? Many believe there is a link between keeping the body hydrated and maintaining skin health, and experiences shared after completing the 30 day Water Challenge has shown that consuming 2.7 liters of water each day can visibly improve the complexion. From clearer skin to an increased radiance, the results demonstrated the power of drinking water.

Boost Humidity:

Have you considered using a humidifier indoors? Central heating can have a drastic impact on the skin, leading to dry patches, redness, and flaky areas appearing on your once smooth and clear complexion. Between the cold weather and constant wind outside and the dry air caused by radiators and wood stoves inside, your skin ends up damaged if it's left unchecked. By introducing a humidifier, you can balance the moisture levels in the house and soothe irritation. Plus, this natural winter skincare tip helps relieve stuffy rooms and aids breathing too!

Wrap Up:

The easiest way to protect your skin this winter is to make sure you wrap up warm every time you go outside. Protect your skin from the cold and windy weather by wearing a hat, mittens, and scarf. The less that is exposed the better, as the environment this time of year can really do some damage. Try to limit exposure as much as possible, as this will help keep your skin glowing and soft throughout even the snowiest days.


Of course adding in natural skincare to your routine will help reduce the effects of the winter weather too. Use a nourishing moisturizer to replenish and heal your cheeks, hands, and neck, and introduce a conditioning balm that can act as a barrier against the cold and dry air. Choosing plant based ingredients that rejuvenate the skin is key for healthy winter skin, and finding formulas rich in shea butter, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and honey will attract and retain moisture levels. Once you're ready, apply your natural skincare products to damp skin to ensure it seals everything in.

Our top Caley-Beth recommendations to help get you through the blustery winter months? Our natural Hand and Body Lotion is perfect for deeply moisturizing the skin and can be reapplied easily when needed, and our Revitalize Face Cream and Eye Serum are great choices for protecting the face all season long. Plus, our Honey Facial Cleanser will soothe winter worn skin while cleaning away dirt and makeup each day. Caley-Beth ensures each handmade and natural skincare product is ideal for whatever life throws at you.

Don't Skip The Basics:

While winter can be brutal, keeping up with simple skincare practices can really help keep your face and body glowing despite the frigid temperatures. While adding extra nourishing creams and balms is important, maintaining basic steps is just as essential. Lock in moisture and avoid cracks and irritation with a beeswax treatment like our Caley-Beth Lip Balm, and guard every inch of your body by using daily essentials like our After Shave Balm which will condition and protect while still allowing your skin to breathe.

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