Caley-Beth Revitalizing Face Cream in gold jar next to a rose.

Caley-Beth Around The World with Tajmeeli



Caley-Beth Revitalized Face Cream next to a pink tulip.


Caley-Beth is proud to have our natural handmade skincare honored in global beauty awards, and now we are thrilled to have our ethical products featured by international businesses as well...

Our award winning green beauty products have been recognized by expert judges, and now Caley-Beth is enjoying being in the spotlight around the world! We are pleased to share that we have landed in the Tajmeeli blog, and would love for you to join us in celebrating this happy moment.

Tajmeeli specializes in health and beauty, and they offer advice and marketing assistance for clinics and medical centers across the Middle East. Not only do they connect professionals to important events, information, and updates, they also provide fun and informative articles for those interested in all things skincare!


Caley-Beth Revitalize Face Cream next to a pink rose, and the light silky texture in a spoon.


And that brings us to our latest news... Tajmeeli has showcased our Revitalize Face Cream in “The Most Effective Skin Moisturizers With Humidity and Air Temperature.” They aim to review “a distinguished range of the best skin moisturizers, all of which carry the most famous and prominent brands in the beauty world,” so of course Caley-Beth was excited to see our sustainable formula featured.


A woman touching the side of her face showing off her beautifully hydrated skin.


Keeping your face hydrated is essential for healthy skin, and we are proud to have our replenishing and nurturing natural treatment as an example of how to best take care of this vital step in your routine. As you know, the Revitalize Face Cream from Caley-Beth is specially formulated to brighten and soothe tired, dull, and dehydrated skin. Rose hydrosol, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid are all intensively moisturizing and revitalizing, and help plump and smooth fine lines while also building a daily defense system for dry and mature skin.

Be sure to check out what Tajmeeli has to say about our Revitalize Face Cream and the importance of keeping skin moisturized, and let us know what your top tips are for keeping hydrated over on Instagram or Facebook!



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