Wellbeing Benefits of Nature

Wellbeing Benefits of Nature

Can Nature Be Healing?


Nature has been shown to be healing time and again, and science proves that the natural world benefits health, wellbeing, and social bonds for people in a variety of ways. From alfresco school sessions to forest bathing, the world has accepted the power of the outdoors and adopted new habits to ensure that people get plenty of sunshine, greenery, and fresh air.

Don't take our word for it though... Check out all these brilliant healing benefits that studies have revealed about nature!

Nature and Wellbeing Benefits:


  • Rejuvenation:
    Nature can be extremely rejuvenating and works to boost your wellbeing. In fact, studies show that spending time outdoors and connecting with the earth can benefit the nervous system, improve cardiovascular health, and assist with fatigue. By participating in activities outside, you can feel more awake and really refresh your mind and body!

  • Relaxation:
    Repeated surveys also show that nature can help reduce tension and anxiety. Being among the trees, flowers, and natural ground is a great way to relax, and time in green spaces has been proven to reduce mental distress. Like aromatherapy, the plant-life in parks and forests offer benefits for wellbeing.

  • Grounding:
    Have you heard of earthing?  This technique involves placing your bare feet on natural ground, and it is considered a simple way of harnessing the healing powers of nature. The theory is that the earth emits electrical charges that balance our bodies. Many believe that even just twenty minutes of earthing can improve sleep, mindset, and inflammation.

  • Reconnecting:
    Another great benefit of nature is that it can work to reconnect the individual with the wider world. Take a walk in the park and you can observe dog walkers, children playing, sports matches, and more.  Seeing other people while breathing the fresh air and being surrounded by greenery is a huge boost! Plus, outdoor activities like picnics, scavenger hunts, and gardening help develop the mind and can work to bring people together thanks to the hands on elements.

Natural Skincare Benefits:


Nature is incredibly beneficial for mind and body, but did you know that you don't always have to go outside to experience the wellbeing boost? One of the perks of using natural skincare is that it harnesses the power of plants – and it's there for you to experience at anytime!

Essential oils and extracts can act as an aromatherapy treatment in your daily routines, and breathing in these plant based ingredients can ease stress and anxiety, energize your spirits, or focus the mind. Caley-Beth uses carefully selected botanicals to help benefit wellbeing, including delectable mandarin, frankincense and rose.


However, it's not just the essential oils and extracts that improve wellbeing. All of the natural ingredients used in Caley-Beth products are beneficial for your skin. From the soothing and moisturizing oils to the balancing and antibacterial locally sourced honey... Every element is selected for its healing potential! Nature is full of benefits for health and wellbeing, and offers us the opportunity to craft treatments that condition, improve radiance, detoxify, and soften the skin while also elevating our mood. That's pretty special, and it is one of our favorite things about using eco friendly skincare.


What is your top reason for using natural beauty products? Do you find the healing benefits keep you returning to plant based formulas, or is the aromatherapy experience important to you? Let us know, and try to step outside and spend a moment appreciating the source of that beauty the next time you finish your skincare routine!

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